Craft's Latest Update

The new Daily Notes update for Craft has dropped today and I absolutely love it.

When Roam Research added the ability to have Daily Notes it sort of changed the game. I’m sure there were apps that had a sort of Daily Notes feature, but Roam was the first to really fully embrace it as a place to start writing to generate ideas or log your day.

So since Roam became popular people have been requesting a similar feature from other note taking apps. Craft has implemented their version today and it’s great.

It has a full calendar to jump to any date, which is truly a great addition, and view the daily note from that date. The daily note does not turn into a full document like it does in RemNote and I think Roam does as well. But it allows you to write throughout the day and create documents from the Daily Notes section.

One thing I didn’t know they were doing is that when you create a todo, it adds that to your daily log. So lets say you make three todo’s for the day; there will be a 0/3 in the top right of the day and a circle will fill up as you check off your todo’s! It still doesn’t gather all your todo’s in one place like Roam or Amplenote does, but it’s a fantastic start for such a young app.

Craft is amazing at creating features, but adding their own touch to it.

And that’s what they’ve done with this update. Adding the calendar, the todo counter for the day, and the ability to add a cover image to the day makes Craft a truly viable alternative to light users of Roam.

Joseph Wood @josephwood