Evernote Tasks

Evernote is still around.

It’s still kicking and actually putting out some nice updates. They recently put out an update called Home which is a sort of dashboard for your notes. It’s, honestly, a really great idea. I love having a dashboard like this that shows recent notes, shortcuts, and whatever else you want.

Today they released an update that allows you to make a task within any note as your writing. Evernote will then collect all the tasks you’ve made and put them in a new section called “Tasks”. Knowing Evernote will pull all your tasks out will give you a sort of peace of mind to make as many tasks as you need within notes because you know that Evernote will find it. While many note taking apps have a “todo” option while writing, they usually don’t do anything with them. They are “dumb tasks”. They don’t do anything. So Evernote Tasks is insanely useful and very well implemented. Amplenote and Roam both have a feature like this, but Evernote may have the slickest use of it so far.

But as nice as the update is, and it is really nice, I still can’t help but feel like Evernote is missing some major features I’ve become dependent on. For instance, I made a task about reading a book and I kept finding myself wanting to highlight the name of the book to create a new note for it and link to it. But I can’t. It’s a reminder that even though Evernote is great and has some distinct advantages, it’s still behind in the note taking wars.

Roam has ruined me for any other note taking app. All I want to do is double bracket key names in my notes in Evernote, but it does nothing.

I feel like if you want to make a note-taking app today, there are just some features you have to have because people have become so hooked and reliant on them now: folding text, backlinking, and daily notes just to name a few. Craft has a few of these which makes it more appealing than Evernote right now on iOS and Mac.

Evernote feels like a Blackberry in an iPhone world. Blackberry’s are great, but they don’t have the modern features of an iPhone.

But don’t get me wrong, this latest Tasks update is genuinely fantastic. Other apps like Obsidian and Craft really should look at Evernote’s implementation of how to handle tasks because it’s great.

But every time I tell myself to give Evernote another try, I find myself missing my favorite features I’ve become addicted to in Roam. Once Roam creates an iOS app I likely won’t look at any other apps, but there isn’t one yet, so other apps like Evernote and Craft are still in the running. But man, if Evernote had bi-directional linking and daily notes…it might be the one app to rule them all again.

Joseph Wood @josephwood