Using TickTick As My New Task Manager

I’ve been switching back and forth between task managers for years.

I usually switch between the same few: Things, Todoist, TickTick, and I’ve spent the most time in Things and Todoist, but TickTick has been one that keeps making it on my list. I’ve always liked how frequently it gets updated and it has useful features.

They recently went 6.0 and I decided to give it another look. The 6.0 update doesn’t seem like a major jump to me, but I’m absolutely loving it right now. They have integrated a few features you don’t see in a lot of task managers: habit tracking, full featured calendar and notes.

For some reason, having habit tracking in my task manager causes me to actually do the habits more frequently. These two things seem to go very well together. I’m shocked we don’t see more task managers with habit tracking in it. It seems like a natural combination and in practice, it actually is.

The built in calendar is also insanely useful. The ability to change views from month view, to day view, to three day view, to week view, etc., is awesome. I love the single day view which makes it easy to timeblock.

There’s a lot about TickTick to like and now that I’ve started using it everyday, I’m becoming a huge fan. You can customize nearly everything within the app. I love being able to customize the sidebar to have only the smart filters I like and I’m able to rearrange them.

You can customize nearly everything in TickTick.

The design is great and the feature list is full. I’ll give some more thoughts once I’ve used it for about a month, but so far I’m loving it.

Joseph Wood @josephwood