Craft Is A Joy To Use

Over the weekend I played a ton with Craft to see if it could become my daily driver for notes and a place to become my second brain.

The advantages that it has going for it is that it’s absolutely gorgeous and the native app is super fast and easy to use on iOS.

So I spent all weekend throwing notes into it and seeing how I could connect different pages and how their implementation of Daily Pages works.

Turns out…I love it.

The main things that I need for my personal knowledge management system are bi-directinal linking with backlinks, block references, daily notes, todos, and an iOS app to be able to access it on the go. So far it has all of those. Block references could be better. I like how Roam will show when a block has been referenced and where and Workflowy does a similar thing with Mirrors, but I can live with Crafts implementation for now.

Craft is just so insanely beautiful and fun to use. Take a look at my Book tracking page where I track what I’ve read and what I’m currently reading.

No other app comes close to this as in the looks department. Not Obsidian, Workflowy or Roam. They are all great apps, but Craft has incredible design.

I’ve become really hooked on their implementation of Daily Notes. They still don’t have a full todo manager like Evernote or Roam has (how weird is it that I mentioned Evernote in the same sentance as Roam?). But I can make it work by simply adding a page called “✅ Todo” and then seeing all my todos in the backlinks of that page.

At the end of the day Craft is a joy to open and use. It’s fast, has tons of amazing features and does enough of what I need it to do. The developers are constantly making it better at a pretty impressive speed. I don’t know how they do it. There’s a Slack channel where people can add suggestions and I get anxiety just scrolling through it. So bravo to the devs for adding in great features.

I was finally able to do a full export of all of my content from Roam and went ahead and canceled it until an iOS app is released. But until then I will enjoy Craft and put all my thoughts and notes into it and probably by the time Roam releases an iOS app Craft will be more mature and I likely won’t need Roam anymore.