Giving Workflowy A Second Look

I’m absolutely becoming addicted to Workflowy.

WIth Roam not having an iOS app or even announcing a beta anytime in the near future, it’s caused me to look elsewhere for a PKM that works on mobile.

I really like outliners though, which leaves me pretty much with just Workflowy. But after taking a second look into Workflowy, I’ve discovered that it might just do everything I want it to do.

It’s one of the fastest outliners out there as far as smoothness and speed goes. The design is very minimal and everything is spaced out well. It has a great UI and UX.

It has backlinks, mirrors (which are basically block references), templates, todo’s, dates, youtube and tweet embeds, tags, and of course, an actual iOS app that works.

I’ve started to play around with it as a PKM and I’m not going to lie…I really like it. It still has a few flaws, but they are manageable. Namely, creating backlinks is not what you would think. You first have to create the node and then you can reference it as a bi-directional link. So if I wanted to reference a node for “cystic fibrosis” if I haven’t already created a node for it, then I can’t reference it. So I have to go create a node for “cystic fibrosis” and then go back to where I want to link to it and then do the link again and it works. It’s not great, but I can make it work.

And then there’s the whole idea that all of Workflowy is just one big outline. You aren’t making specific documents, you are just making nodes on the big, overarching outline. It’s just a difference in philosophy, but when you start to look at each node as possibly it’s own massive outline or something similar to a document, then it works out.

So far, I really like it. The Pro level is only $5/month which is awesome. 1/3 the price of Roam. It has a web clipper, you can add images and attachments. I really like it. I’ll do some updates here over time to see how I’m still using it, but I’m kind of hooked right now. And it’s really, really, nice to have an iOS app as well.