My Favorite New Book Tracking App

I’m a avid reader and I love finding new apps to track what I read.

Yes, I know Goodreads exists, but it still looks like a social network from 2006. It’s unbelievably ugly and terrible to use.

There’s an app that was called “Readng” and has rebranded to Oku with the web address

I love this app. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t have a natve app, which is my pet peeve, but it actually has a good progressive web app. Seriously. It’s really, really good. You could tell someone it’s an app and they honestly couldn’t tell the difference between it or a native app. I still think native apps are faster and more responsive, but dang, this one looks good.

If you like tracking what you read, consider giving this app a go. I’m probably going to support it with the $8/month tier, but there’s a free tier that gives you most of what you would need to track your books.