Red Graphite and Panic Mode Themes for Roam

Now that I've got a good skeleton for making themes I've started making a few different themes that I would love to use while using Roam.

I put my Fantastical themes out not knowing if people would use it and I got some awesome feedback. It's really cool putting something out and seeing people enjoy and use it.

So now I'm putting out my Red Graphite and Panic Mode Dark theme.

I've been using Bear ever since it launched. It's known for how beautiful the app is. The typography and colors are just top notch. But it seems to be moving at a snails pace when it comes to development. Their new editor 'Panda' has been beta and alpha tested for nearly a year and they refuse to give a timeline for its release, not even a vague one.

Have no fear. You can now work in Roam and it looks nearly identical to Bear. It really does feel like Bear, but with all the features of Roam. Here's what it looks like:

Red Graphite
Panic Mode

The link to these two themes, as well as my mobile snippets, will be in a Dropbox link below.

One thing to note: to make it more closely resemble Bear I have made the sidebar text all lowercase and the tags all lowercase. This can be changed in the code under the appropriate section that is labeled 'tags' or 'sidebar content'. You will see the code 'text-transformation: lowercase'. Just comment that out or delete it.

If you activate both of these in your CSS they will autoswitch with the system level light/dark. So if you have dark mode come on with your iPhone/Mac/Computer then Panic Mode will automatically activate.

If you see anything off or some weird colors, just hit me up on Twitter. Or let me know if you have any requests for different themes. I have another one in the works already that I will likely release later this week.

Here's the link to the text files, just copy the text and paste it in to a new CSS code block: