The Steam Deck is the Switch I've Always Wanted

I've had a Switch for a few years now. I bought my brothers Switch shortly after he bought it when the Switch came out.

It was exactly what I wanted: a portable gaming device I can play anywhere. I didn't have to take up a TV screen at home. I could play anywhere. Being a dad, this is huge.

I loved it at first. Mario Odyssey is one of my favorite Mario games ever. I loved it. Breath of the Wild was pretty good. Octopath Traveler is awesome.

But I really wanted some...non-Nintendo style games. That means games that are not JRPG's or the 30th version of an old Nintendo IP. There's nothing wrong with those types of games. In fact, they are all super addicting. But sometimes you want something a bit...different.

Switch had a few big third party games that I wanted: Wolfenstein, Assassin's Creed, and Bioshock.

They worked pretty well. Sometimes the resolution would dip pretty darn low, but it was playable. I'm fine with faster gameplay over resolution.

But I always wanted more. I wanted GTA. I wanted Red Dead 2. I wanted newer games, not a refresh of 7 year old hits. I wanted actual game sales, not dropping a $59.99 game down to $45.

Enter the Steam Deck. It's a gaming PC, but in a handhled, made by a big company. It plays new, big, games. Red Dead 2 on mobile.

It's exactly what I was wanting.

This would give me everything I really wanted in a mobile gaming device. It has indie games and big AAA games as well. It's much more powerful than the Switch as well. And it's actually just a full on PC. You can use it to edit photos or do some coding if you want.

I was able to reserve the 512GB model, luckily. It looks like it should come in December. Now I have until then to get the money together. I'm really excited. Competition only makes everyone better. It'll be interesting to see what this does to Nintendo if anything at all.