Why and How I Use Feedbin to Check Twitter

Twitter can sometimes be a good place to be. But I'd say 95% of the time I'd rather not go into Twitter. It just seems to be a cesspool of negativity and arguing.

But there are a few people that I like to follow because they give me some valuable content that I otherwise wouldn't get anywhere else. There's one person I follow who tweets about current events (I won't name them because "politics") and another I follow for good essays and inspiration (David Perell).

What's so great about Feedbin is that it allows you to get all of there tweets pulled away from Twitter into an RSS reader. This means I get to skip Twitter's trending section, all the stupid reply's to tweets, and really the entire sometimes-negative environment of Twitter.

And on top of being able to skip all the bad stuff, you get to add on some really great features. Let me show you.

Escape the Environment

Feedbin pulls in the tweets in a really great, easy to read feed. Here's what that looks like for David Perell's feed.

You can see everything very clearly. For some tweets you actually can see the entire content displayed without having to tap on it. But if you do tap on it you get the same formatting that they used in the tweet.

This is important to me because I like when tweets are formatted well like this. Readability is important. Here's what this same tweet looks like in Reeder using my Feedbin login.

Not the same impact.

One of my all time favorite features is that it pulls in threads all in to one post. Here's a thread from David Perell and what that looks like in Feedbin.

Here's what that looks like in Reeder.

Big difference. This is such a convenient feature. There have been quite a few times seeing a thread on Twitter and thought, "Man, I wish I was reading this in Feedbin."

Lastly, you can star your favorite tweets. As you go through tweets on Twitter, you may want to "like" certain tweets, but you know that Twitter will resurface that like to other people that follow you. And maybe it's something you don't want other people to know that you are liking...

Feedbin to the rescue. Just star the tweet in Feedbin and no one knows. You can go back and view are your starred tweets and you can search as well.

Let's recap:

  • You can follow people that you don't have to follow on Twitter.
  • You don't have to visit Twitter to view their tweets.
  • You can save their tweets without anyone knowing it.
  • You can easily search their tweets to find anything.

To me, this is absolutely invaluable. I use this on a daily basis and I'm slowly adding more peope to follow. You just want to make sure you don't follow someone that tweets hundreds of times throughout the day. That can make it difficult, but if you follow someone who just lightly tweets throughout the day, it's great.

Feedbin's app is definitely fast and easy to use, but it still needs some major updates. Randomly when I open the app it just pops back up to the "Sign in to Feedbin" website. But if you force close the app your feed pops right back up. Also, the light/dark mode doesn't work at all when you set it to "System". It either stays completely light all the time or completely dark all the time depending on when you actually changed it to "System".

Outside of those few bugs, it's well worth it to me to actually use. To my knowledge, there isn't a single other app that pulls in tweets like this, allows you to save them and search them.