Why I Am Still Using Roam And WWDC 16 Theme Tease

The last week has been pretty crazy. If you are a nerd like me and follow the PKM space you probably heard all the craziness going on with the r/RoamResearch subreddit.

I'm not going to recap everything that happened because you can go to Twitter and follow the timelines there.

But I happened to be one of the Roam users who was caught in the crossfire and was banned. I initially reached out to Conor and he quickly responded by saying that he definitely would unban me.

Well, I can be pretty impatient at times and I got a little peeved and started talking about switching to Obsidian. It's not often I rage-switch-PKM-apps. Is that a thing? Oh well. That's what I did.

But I realized pretty quickly that in the Obsidian Discord I kept asking how to do certain things in Obsidian and I always ended it with, "You know, like how Roam does it."

I kept trying to make Obsidian Roam.

Well after a few days or so, Conor reached back out to me to tell me that he had unbanned me. We had a good discussion through Twitter DM. I felt a lot better about the situation. I may have jumped the gun a little bit, but Conor kept to his word and did unban me.

I'm back with Roam and couldn't be happier.

In photography, people say to choose the camera that makes you go out and take more pictures. Don't worry about features, which camera makes you more excited to take photos.

For me, Roam makes me take more notes. It gets me excited to take more notes. I kept running into weird hangups with Obsidian. It's largely because I just like outliners more. And Roam has the features I want and use. I'll keep checking out Obsidian and keeping it on my homescreen and dock, but I'm probably not going to use it seriously until WYSIWYG comes out. And by that time I'll still be knee deep in Roam.

WWDC 16 Theme

I'm currently working on a small theme that is based on WWDC 16. I loved their colors and monospace font from their marketing for that year. Here's what it looked like:

So I'm nearly done with just a dark theme for this. I love those colors and am trying to get all of them in this theme. Here's a sneak peak of what that looks like.

I hope to have this out by the end of this week or early next week.

My themes are largely just text and color changes. I rarely change anything deeper than that.

I'm glad to be back at Roam and I'm glad to get back to making themes again.